Monday, 22 June 2015

Shared Mailbox with External User


I've created a shared mailbox and added an external user. I've read that if I do not assign an Exchange Online license to the external mail user, they cannot use the shared mailboxes features as an internal user. Is this also true if the external user has their own separate O365 account / license?


You can only assign permissions to users only within Accepted Domains, External users permissions cannot be achieved for Shared Mailboxes. If other Office 365 tenant also would be considered as External. Only a federated domains can share permissions.

Using External User, Shared Mailbox cannot be accessed, To get Full Experience as Internal user you need assign license to the External user account.

Following features are not available for the external users:

Personal mailboxes
Access shared mailboxes
Access public folders
Actually, no feature is available except calender sharing :)

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