Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Internal Routing via Onpremise/External Server

Mail Routing


User A(Office 365) & User B (Office365 & External), Whenever User A Sends Mail to User B, It should be delivered External User B account from there it has to be forwarded to Office365 User B Mailbox, However default it will be delivered to User B Mailbox in Office365 Domain.com Hosted with Office365 & Some other provider Internal Mails should be routed to Other Provider & Needs to forwarded to Office365

Internal domains look up happens within Office365 server hence mail delivery fails is expected.


Since the same office 365 tenant has User B mailbox enabled, Mails will not be delivered to External Servers.


We suggest you to create a new Outbound Connector for your domain as follows:

  1. Type : Partner
  2. Connection : Opportunistic TLS
  3. Scope : Use for Criteria Based Routing (CBR)
  4. Outbound Delivery : MX record associated with the recipient domain

Once created, Go ahead & create a rule as follows:

  1. If the message...recipients’ s address domain portion belongs to any of these domains: yourdomain.com  
  2. Do the following...Route the message using the connector named "Created Connector"

 Note : If the DomainType Set to InternalRelay, Rules will take high precedance.

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