Monday, 16 March 2015

Catch-All Mailbox - Office365

Step : 1
  1. Create a DL & add all users as members (, Better this can be Dynamic Distribution Group, Select an option to Include "All Recipient Types"
  2. Create a Dedicated Mailbox to Catch emails, Which sent to non-existent mail address in Org (Here “Catchall” is Catch all mailbox)
  3. Set the DomainType to “InternalRelay” (Doing this will make the Rules to take precedence), ECP-> Mailflow -> AcceptedDomains -> Select Domain -> Change the type to InternalRelay
Step : 2
Create a Mailflow Rule as mentioned below:
  1. If the Sender "Outside the Organization"
  2. Redirect the message to
  3. Except if the recipient is member of (Distribution Group contains all members)
Note : NDR's won't be generated, Not applicable for Hybrid, Co-Existance, Small business (as no mailflow rules), Not officially supported by Office365 Support.

Refer to : CatchAll-Kingson 

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